The American Walnut Manufacturers Association encourages sustainable harvesting practices to ensure full utilization of timber resources without compromising forest health. Our members are encouraged to comply with Positive Environmental Practices which include the following environmental impact principles:

We support sustained yield, multiple-use forest management on all federal, state, and privately owned woodlands, and we support policies that encourage both public and private investment in long-term sustainable forest management.

We support efforts to ensure implementation of sound management practices on all tropical and temperate forests, and when given the opportunity refer landowner questions about timber management to the proper forestry agencies or authorities.

We support the positive attributes of proper utilization which result in no net loss of our forest lands, full utilization of sustainable timber resources, long-term jobs for communities, and a good environment for all plants and animals, including mankind.

We recognize walnut (Juglans nigra) to be a unique species. Unique in the manner in which it is grown, and unique in respect from consumers and manufactures alike. Walnut is a sun-loving species that thrives in open-grown sites. Walnut represents less than 5% of the natural hardwood forest. Walnut is planted extensively in the Eastern United States.

Furthermore, we partner regularly in our sustainability efforts to ensure that we are supporting Best Management Practices and encourage members to do the same. The AWMA also works in collaboration with forestry and conservation experts to minimize the spread of Thousand Cankers Disease which has produced widespread death of black walnuts in many western states. And we urge property owners to continue to practice good forest management to ensure the enjoyment of walnut trees and wood products for years to come.


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