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Walnut Rules Change Proposal - VOTE NO!

The American Walnut Manufacturers Association urges you to vote no to the proposed rules change because...

  • Rules change will eliminate choice for the customers.
  • Rules change will reduce the supply of uppers and cause higher prices.
  • Rules change has been defeated by NHLA membership twice in the recent past.
  • Rules change will NOT improve conservation of the resource.
  • Rules change will force sawmills to retrain their employees.
  • Rules change will result in a 5 to 10% financial loss on every sawmill cutting walnut.
  • Rules change will promote even more log exports.
  • Rules change is a drastic measure that is simply not needed.

The Walnut timber supply has NOT significantly changed which is the only legitimate reason to consider a rules change.

Please remember that the Walnut rules have been in existence for over 100 years and they have served the species and the industry extraordinarily well during that time. Over 100 million feet of FAS1F & BTR Walnut has been sold since 2000 proving that the existing rules work for the consumer.


The AWMA membership represents companies that produce the majority of the Walnut lumber that is annually sawn in the United States.

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